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A Missionary Heart And a Missionary Life

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In this book "A Missionary Heart and A Missionary Life", Professor Fomum writes:

"Our aim in this book is to bring God’s people back to the missionary purposes of God. The missionary heart and the missionary life find their origin, base and model in the heart of God. He is a missionary God. The missionary heart and the missionary life are to be judged, viewed and appreciated the way God judges, views and appreciates them. In other words, the missionary life stems from the missionary heart. The very source of the missionary life is the missionary heart and this heart is God’s heart. Our God has the missionary heart and so from Him comes the missionary life. Every mission is thus connected to the heart of God. The enabling, blessing, fruitfulness, and growth all flow into the missionary life from the missionary heart through divine arteries. We hope to “sting” and to propel all children of God to become missionaries – missionaries to their families, villages, cities, districts, subdivisions, provinces, regions, nations, continents and Planet Earth.

Our second objective is to produce restless people who are increasingly restless until the missionary purposes of God for our generation be accomplished. We wish to produce a people who see the world as God sees it; people who live daily under the constraint of the missionary needs of God; people who dream of God’s mission field all night and work on ensuring that our God’s missionary purposes are accomplished all day long.

Thirdly and lastly, we wish to share with the world that which the Lord has been doing in our hearts, lives and ministry for some years now. 

right hearts and the right lives, poised for a permanent and fruitful work. Every missionary, who goes out on the Lord’s commission, goes out for fruit. He goes out into the business of making disciples the success of which the Lord has assured"

May you be richly blessed as you read this book

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