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Waiting On The Lord In Prayer

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For many believers, prayer is coming to the Lord and throwing as many requests to Him as possible in the shortest possible time, and then rushing away. The next time, the same process may be repeated with other requests added, while some of the previous ones may be forgotten. This is unfortunate.
God ordained prayer primarily so that His needs be met. In the prayer that the Lord Jesus taught his disciples, the priority of prayer was to be His Name, His Kingdom, and His Will. «Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one» (Matthew 6:9-13). If the priority in prayer are His name; His kingdom and His will, then it is obvious that for anyone to pray to the satisfaction of God, that one must come before God and wait before God, so that God should give him revelations as to what the needs of His Name, His Kingdom and His Will are. Until these are revealed by God to man, man cannot pray rightly. After they are revealed to man, man can begin to pray what God would have him pray about. This makes waiting on the Lord in prayer a must; for without waiting on the Lord in prayer there is no other way by which these things can be known.
The other issue is that we do not know what our real needs are. We may think that we know what we need, but a closer look will betray our ignorance. Only God knows what our true needs are. Faced with the issues of choosing a wife or a career, we have to face the fact that although we may know what we need now, we do not know what we shall need five, ten, twenty or fifty years from today. God knows what we shall need all the years of our lives. If we wait on Him to reveal to us what we shall always need so that we can ask what will meet our short and long term needs, then we shall be the happier for it. This again makes waiting on the Lord in prayer a must.
The third thing we want to say is that unless people spend time together, they will not know each other much. Those who want to know the Lord must wait on Him in prayer, so that He may reveal Himself ever increasingly to them. The more a person waits on the Lord, the more the Lord will reveal Himself to that one; and the more revelations the person has from the Lord of His character, His will, His plans, His purposes, etc., the more the person will know the Lord. This again makes waiting on the Lord in prayer a must; for without such waiting, the believer will only have a superficial knowledge of Him.
We send this book out with prayer that the many believers who are being awakened to a life of praying, and are actually praying, learn to wait on the Lord in prayer and so pray more correctly. We send this book out with prayer that since it is a matter of Waiting On The Lord In Prayer, the saints should not just wait in prayer, but they should wait on the Lord in prayer. That is, they should wait and wait and keep waiting until the Lord has spoken or answered. 
We are well aware of the fact that as in all aspects of spiritual science there is an initiation, a learning and a continuation as progress is made, those who do not yet wait on the Lord in prayer will enrol in the School Of Waiting On The Lord In Prayer, and make progress.
We commend you, dear reader, as we commend this book, to the Lord of glory with prayer that He be glad to use this book for your spiritual enrichment. 
To Him be all the honour and glory!

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