The Believer’s Conscience

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This book “The Believer’s Conscience” is a compilation of the teachings of Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum addressed to the saints in Yaoundé, Cameron. It is an expository study on conscience - the believer’s conscience. It stresses on the fact that when that which should be exposed is hidden, there is a bad conscience which produces unbelief. The author highlights the fact that an impure heart produces a defiled conscience. A simple offense on the conscience may upset the normal functioning of the intuition and communion with God. The content of conscience depends upon knowledge. In fact, knowledge and the state of the conscience go hand in hand. A clear conscience talks of the capacity to let in the light of God. A man with a good conscience trembles at the Word of God. He invites you to cooperate with God so that you can experience and live with an all-good conscience which is the possession of all those who convert their convictions into actions.
We recommend this book to you dear reader, praying that the Lord will use it to help you enter into the experience of a good conscience as you walk before Him.

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