The Audiobook industry is growing at the same rate as e-books did from 2011 to 2013. Every major publisher is ramping up production trying to get more titles out the door and into the ears of eager listeners.  Since March 2016, ZTF Books Online is equally ensuring that Prof. Zacharias Tanee Fomum books are increasingly being available as audiobooks.

 Why do we need our books in audio format?

  • Audiobooks Give us Access to Non-Readers. There are millions of people in the world who hate reading, but love listening.  These “non-readers” either can’t or won’t take the time to sit down and read a book. Perhaps they struggle with slow reading, dyslexia or are blind.
  • Audiobooks will help you to read faster.
  • With audiobooks, you can enjoy a book with others by sharing the experience of a specific message with someone easily
  • Reach millions of listeners worldwide
  • Audiobooks will Protect us From the Oprah Effect. The Oprah Effect is when a famous person recommends your book out of the blue. Suddenly, 100,000 people all want to buy your book and the 5,000 copies in the stores are gone within hours. Then your publisher scrambles to print more books, only to have them returned because everyone’s forgotten about the book. The opportunity was lost because the books went out of stock. E-books are the best protection for this, but audiobooks protect you as well. If someone famous recommends your book, there will never be a shortage of (downloadable) audio books. Whether it’s ten downloads or a million downloads, you’re covered.
  • Audio Books Boost Paper & eBook Sales. If people love our audiobooks, they’ll sometimes go back and buy a paper copy so they can underline it and show it off on their bookshelf. So not only do the audio mavens recommend the book to friends, but people will buy additional copies for themselves as well.
  • Audiobooks are great to supplement previous knowledge to solidify information.
  • Preference: Some people prefer audio over text for learning and maybe you’re one of them. If you don’t like reading, experiment with audiobooks and see if this helps you with learning.
  • Faster learning: One of the main advantages of audiobooks is that you can pace the information you consume. 
  • Save time: You can listen while you’re cleaning the house, folding clothes, shaving (yes I’m weird like that) or anything else that doesn’t require much focus. It’s especially effective when you’re commuting. 
  • Uplifting: Speaking of, just like listening to good music can uplift your spirits – so can audiobooks. Reading inspirational quotes and passages are great, but it doesn’t beat listening to a person that motivates you to do great things while you’re learning at the same time.
  • Effective: Some books are better to consume over audio than over text. I find that conceptual books and biographies are better off consumed over audio than text.
  • Convenient: Audiobooks are really convenient. You can have them on your phone, iPod, computer and in the car. This makes the content accessible and you can easily continue where you left off from last time.
  • etc.

Which titles of our books are available in audio format?

As of date (01.03.2018), we have 25 ZTF Titles in audio format. Please follow the audiobook retailers links on the right bar to get a full and updated list of all Prof. Fomum's audiobooks.

Where and how can I listen to samples of the audioBooks?

We have three Prof. ZT Fomum titles that are FREE in all formats, including the audiobook versions:

  1. God's love and forgiveness [eBookaudioBook]
  2. The Christian and Money [eBookaudioBook]
  3. Discipleship at Any Cost [eBookaudioBook]

On our podcast, you will have the opportunity to listen to extensive samples of all the audiobooks. Alternatively, you will equally find similar free samples on all our online audiobook retailers (see links below).

Where and how can I get a copy of Prof. Fomum's audioBooks?

All the titles are available for direct purchase/download on all major online audiobook retailers as listed on the right links