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Enjoying the Premarital Life

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This book, "Enjoying the Premarital Life," is the first of three books in the series entitled "God, Sex, and You." 

The second book in this seires is entitled: "Enjoying the Choice of Your Marriage Partner," while the third book in this series is entitled: "Enjoying the Married Life." 

Book one continues in book two and book three brings the theme to a climax. To have a balanced and complete view of what God has given us on the subject, we encourage you to read books two and three as well. 

We send this book out with faith that you will soon discover that it is the book for you, your parents, your children, your friends, and all whom you know, and that you will do all you can to put it within their reach. 

If you have been blessed, encouraged, challenged, provoked, or made angry by the contents of this book, please write to me about how you feel. 

God bless you!

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