God, Sex and You


A Successful Marriage: The Husband's Making

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This book, A Successful Marriage: The Husband’s Making, is the fifth in the series, “God, Sex and You.” The other books in this series that have already been written are:
1. Enjoying the Premarital Life.
2. Enjoying the Choice of a Life Partner.
3. Enjoying the Married Life.
4. Divorce and Remarriage.
5. A Successful Marriage: The Husband’s Making
6. A Successful Marriage: The Wife’s Making

The husband is called upon to be the king, the prophet and the priest of his wife. The extent to which he fulfils these roles determines the quality of his marriage. As the head, the success of the marriage will be determined by him. Also, as the head, the failure of the marriage will reflect the extent to which he has failed. This means that the secret to a successful marriage is with the man.

God has commanded the man to love his wife as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her. The love with which Christ loves the church is a supernatural one - God’s love. No husband can love his wife naturally in a sustained way. Natural love does not last. If the husband is to love his wife as Christ loves the church, he must receive God’s supernatural love from the Holy Spirit and pour that love on his wife. Because the love of God poured out into the heart of man by the Holy Spirit is unceasingly available, it is possible for a man to receive that love and love his wife with God’s love unceasingly and increasingly. This will provide a solid foundation for a successful marriage.
The message in this book was first given to married couples in the church in Yaounde. It was then compiled from the notes taken and completed from the cassette recordings. The author added only slight touches to what was written from the spoken message.

The next book in this series is going to be, “A Successful Marriage: The Wife’s Making.”
We send this small book out with prayer that it be used by the Lord of the church to bring blessings to the unmarried, to those contemplating on marriage and to those who are married.

We also send it out with prayer that the Holy Spirit should use it to correct and bless many marriages, so that the Lord may be exalted in Christian couples and His purpose in marriage fulfilled.

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