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Knowing The God Of Unparalleled Goodness

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The book, Knowing the God of Unparalleled Goodness by Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum, was written at a turning point of our ministry at the beginning of the first missionary era. It deals with the greatness of God, and the need for the pilgrim to know Him and walk in intimacy with Him. In fact, many people do not know God. They are serving an unknown God.
It centers on Abraham's life and pilgrimage with God, the author clearly shows that when the believer is discouraged; when he is about to fall or even to give up, God in his sovereignty brings him back to Him.
He also shows that a successful Christian life consists of walking with God. That is to say, to remove the obstacle that has interposed itself between God and oneself, in order to abide in intimacy with God. This book therefore, is an introduction to walking with God. It is a very delicate book that weighs in favour of the need to make progress in the inner life, especially in the seeking, finding, knowing, loving and enjoying God. It is therefore not only an incentive manual, but also a challenge for believers at all levels.
Many need this book to be healed in their relationship with God. 
Read this book. 
You will make progress in your spiritual life, and you will be blessed.

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