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Moving God Through Prayer

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This book, “Moving God Through Prayer” is the sixth, in the series.
The books in the series that are already written are :
01.The Way of Victorious Praying
02.The Ministry of Fasting
03.The Art of Intercession
04.The Practice of Intercession
05.With Christ in the School and Ministry of Praying
06.Moving God Through Prayer
07.Practical Spriritual Warfare through Prayer
08.The Ministry of Praise and Thanksgiving
09.Waiting on God In Prayer

The sixth book in the series is in your hands. May the Lord bless you abundantly as you read it and may He lead you into a deeper experience with Himself. May He open your eyes to see what prayer is and then enable you to pray without ceasing.
If you have been blessed through reading this book, please enable some others to obtain the book, read it and be blessed also.

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