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From His Lips: About Our Ministry

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There are the general purposes of God and the distinct purposes of God that He entrusts to specific individuals, groups of individuals, communities, and even to a Spiritual Movement. Both kinds of callings are documented in the Scriptures and all serve the economy of God’s purposes.

To Zach Fomum and those that God called along with him, a distinct economy of the Gospel was entrusted that translated into a clear goal. The pursuance of that goal through obedience to God’s specific instructions has gradually clarified the will of God and the means of accomplishing His purposes. God’s will, God’s ways, our responsibility, who we must be, what we must do to please God, and accomplish our goal, are presented here as constituting our ministry.

This is written for all who are part of our ministry, and for all who will be part of this ministry, so that we may serve in the same spirit for the same purpose and, by accomplishing the goal, bring glory to our Lord Jesus.

God bless you.

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