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You, Your Team, And Your Ministry

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This book “You, Your Team and Your Ministry” is a compilation of the teachings of Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum addressed to the saints in Yaoundé, Cameroon, during a leadership training course. In this book, the author tells us who is qualified to serve God and the importance of a team in a man’s ministry. All those with divided hearts cannot do anything for God. Total consecration to God and total dependence on God are indispensable for success. A man will fail utterly if he does not have the people that it takes for the job given him. The first mark of a team member is that he does not oppose the team leader in any way. To disagree and to oppose are two different things. Opposition talks of conflicts whereas disagreement is only a matter of opinions. Every leader who does not labour to raise around him other men and workmen near his rank, has failed. He who has never put in his all to please a human being will never put in his all to please God. The author invites you to cooperate with God so that you will be able to raise around you other men and workmen who will help you in your ministry.
We recommend this book to you dear reader, with prayer that the Lord will use it to enable you to build the kind of team that you need to help you accomplish God’s purposes.

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