Deliverance From The Sin Of Laziness

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Larry Burkett said, “The trend today is to seek the path of least resistance, and when the going gets difficult, give up.” That is a good description of a lazy person: the one who seeks the path of least resistance and who gives up when things get difficult.
Most of the world is lazy. Too many believers are idle. Few attain their God-given potential. The Kingdom suffers because of the too many spectators who are said to be soldiers in the army of the Lord.
The loss to God, to the Kingdom of God, and to the lazy person that is caused by the sin of laziness, is beyond measure. Must things continue that way? I do not think so.
Laziness is a deadly sin.
The one who commits this sin can be delivered.
That is what this book is about.
May the Lord bless you as you read it! Amen.

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