Print On Demand (POD) is a book production/distribution methodology made possible by, and inseparable from, digital printing. With POD, books are printed only in response to orders, and only prints the exact amount ordered. Due to the capabilities of digital printing, print-on-demand is capable of filling an order for one book profitably.

IngramSpark and Amazon make Prof. Zacharias T. Fomum's titles available for ordering to the largest network of global booksellers, libraries and online/offline retailers.

The benefits of Print-On-Demand

  • Print On Demand provides maximum exposure with minimal investment.
  • Low upfront costs — We don’t have to print and store 100s of books.
  • Complete publishing solution
  • Reach millions of readers and bookstores
  • Print On Demand is available for all most popular trim sizes,
  • eliminates the need to keep books in inventory;
  • allows books without substantial sales to stay in print;
  • vastly reduces the investment needed to maintain a large backlist;
  • eliminates the waste and expense of pulping thousands of unsold books.

Which Z.T. Fomum books are available on POD?

We have included an updated (PDF) catalogue above, listing all the titles that are available for print-on-demand.

How to order ZTF books in large numbers for retailing

Send us an email to ztfbooks_at_cmfionline_dot_org with the following information:

  • the titles you need
  • the quantities of each title you want
  • the full shipping address (city, country, street/business address, phone number, email)

and we will send you an estimate of the overall production and shipping cost.

In general, we give a book at €4.50 each, provided the order spans at least three titles and at least 15 books. We will consider a general reduction for orders above 500 books! There are a few exceptions, such as the titles in:

for which the cost per copy will vary between €10 - €15.

What are the shipping rates and speed?

For continental Europe, North America and Australia, the shipping cost is minimal and books are shipped within 8 - 10 days upon placing an order. For the rest of the World, contact us for a quote